Media Collaboration


  • It determines how the work is to be carried out, the departments and persons involved;
  • Gives assurances that the appropriate documentation is in place to carry out the activity;
  • Ensures business continuity, including under conditions of staff turnover;
  • Creates the framework for good cooperation with media representatives to respect citizens’ right to be informed;
  • Provides an environment conducive to accurate and timely communication of all news and events within the hospital.


The procedure applies to all medical and non-medical sectors. This procedure describes the arrangements for working with the media and access of media representatives to the hospital.

Terms, definitions

This procedure sets out the procedures, steps, departments involved and responsibilities for working with the media and media access to the hospital.



  • No representative of the media may enter the hospital premises without the consent of the management, following a written or telephone request and with a visitor’s permit;
  • Media representatives will be accompanied during the visit by authorised hospital staff on a permanent basis;
  • Access to hospital compartments will be restricted and granted only with the approval of the head of compartment;
  • Liaison between the hospital and the media is ensured by the hospital spokesperson, designated by decision, or manager;
  • An interview with the hospital management team will only be conducted following a written request and only with the manager’s consent;
  • Filming in the hospital is only allowed with the consent of the management and the people involved.

6.6.1. FOR SERIOUS MEDICAL EVENTS: road accidents, accidents at work, domestic accidents, calamities, etc., media representatives will have access to the hospital (according to the above procedure, through the clinic reception).

  • Information about the event will only be given by the hospital spokesperson/medical director, only after patient stabilization/diagnosis.
  • Information will be given subject to the code of ethics and taking into account Law 46/2003 on patients’ rights – consent of the patient or the patient’s relatives.


  • When accompanying an official delegation, with its consent;
  • Accompanied by manager/other directors.


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