Frequently asked questions

As a patient, it is important to understand what steps you are going to take, what will happen during treatment and why. Often doctors are faced with patients who don’t know what to ask during a consultation or can’t remember. However, it is important that every person who walks into a doctor’s office comes prepared with the right questions so that they can go home without worry. To help you prepare for your visit with your doctor, we have prepared a series of questions that you may find useful.

General questions about your treatment

    • What are the benefits of the treatment you advise me to follow?
    • Are there any risks with this treatment? If so, what are they?
    • What are the success rates for this treatment?
    • What are the risks if I decide not to take any decision for now?
    • Are there other types of treatments I could follow?
    • How long do I have to wait before I start treatment?
    • If there is a delay in starting treatment, how will this affect the outcome of my treatment?
    • What will my treatment be like and how long will it last?
    • Will there be side effects? If so, what can I do about them?
    • How will I feel after treatment?
    • How will my doctor know if the treatment worked?
    • Who should I contact if I have questions or concerns during or after treatment?
    • Why do I also have to undergo chemotherapy?
    • What if I have had radiotherapy treatment in the past in another hospital?
    • What are the differences between treatment at Amethyst and cancer treatment in Turkey or Germany?

How will the treatment affect my life?

    • Will I still be able to drive?
    • Will it affect my normal activities, such as work?
    • Will it affect my sexual relations?
    • Will I be able to participate in my favorite sports?
    • Will I be able to follow my regular diet?
    • Will I have to take into account any special precautions, such as sitting in the sun?
    • Will I be able to wash or shower as usual?

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