Amethyst Vision

Amethyst Vision. Where are we going to?

We want to innovate cancer treatment in Romania, to become the lucky stone for all cancer patients, giving them an extra chance at life.

Amethyst Mission. What are we here for?

We offer excellence in radiotherapy and oncology to patients across Europe. We focus on both the patient’s physical and mental well-being, offering psychotherapy and nutrition services.

Amethyst values. Who we are, what we value, how we behave together.

  • Patient first

    We take care of our patients, with passion. We provide personalized clinical services and offer comprehensive treatments for people diagnosed with cancer. We strive to provide the best possible patient experience.

  • Good team, good friends

    Our network is our strength. As a team, we rely on each other. We share best practices and learn from each other. We build long-term partnerships with doctors, hospitals, authorities, payers, providers and NGOs.

  • Quality and integrity

    We do what's best for our patients and our company, without compromising on quality and safety. We stand for trust and confidence by communicating openly and authentically.


Phone: 021.9368
Address: no 42, Drumul Odăi, Otopeni


Phone: 021.9368
Address: no 486G, Răzoare Street, Florești


Phone: 021.9368
Address: no 12, Bela Bartok Street, Dumbrăvița, Timiș County


Phone: 021.9368
Address: no 10, Louis Pasteur Street, Alba-Iulia, Alba County