Professional trainings

The objective of the Amethyst Radiotherapy Center is to offer Romanian professionals access to the most advanced training and training in radiotherapy.

The Amethyst medical team underwent training and instruction sessions at the Radiotherapy Center in Metz-France, where they acquired all the necessary knowledge to apply IMRT-VMAT treatment techniques. Moreover, the two teams from Romania and France consult and decide in real time on medical cases through the latest information technologies.

Currently, within the Amethyst Radiotherapy Center, medical training sessions are regularly organized where topics of interest to the center’s future specialist doctors are addressed in the following fields: medical oncology, radiotherapy, radiation protection and medical physics.

The subject of the courses is aimed at the interdisciplinary approach to oncological conditions, familiarizing Romanian doctors with the latest technologies in the field of ionizing radiation as well as with international protocols in the field of radiotherapy.

Summer internships can be done in Amethyst clinics. For more details, applicants are asked to send an email to the address and

Volunteer internships can be carried out in Amethyst clinics. For more details, applicants are asked to send an email to the address și


Amethyst Clinics regularly organize educational events. For details, visit the events page

Internships can be carried out.

There is the possibility of carrying out practical internships in nutrition.


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