Amethyst Centre Cluj-Napoca

Amethyst Radiotherapy Centre in Cluj opened its doors in October 2014

Since that time, Amethyst Cluj Clinic has offered one of the newest and most advanced cancer radiotherapy solutions, namely the IMRT-VMAT treatment technique.

The services offered by the Amethyst Cluj Centre include medical oncology, radiotherapy, medical imaging (CT and MRI), psychological and nutritional counselling, all of which are completely free for patients.

We also have the most modern, advanced techniques and methods for treating cancer, such as brachytherapy, stereotactic radiotherapy and DIBH (Deep Inspirational Breath Hold).
The brachytherapy office is equipped with a MicroSELECTRON Digital afterloader treatment facility with 18 channels and HDR Iridium 192 radioactive source, produced by NUCLETRON Nederland, part of the ELEKTA Limited group, which is used for internal radiotherapy, and the imaging department is equipped with a Siemens Healthcare brand CT – Somatom Go and a Siemens Healthcare brand MRI Magnetom.

On the upper level there are 4 medical oncology wards which are equipped with 22 recliners, each equipped with an infusion pump.

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Working hours: Friday, from 15:00-17:00. Appointments must be made 3 days in advance by email: or at the clinic’s office

Management of Amethyst Radiotherapy Cluj

Asist. Univ. Dr. Zahu Renata
Medical Director Amethyst Cluj

Alexandra Elena Rusu
Manager Amethyst Cluj


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Address: no 42, Drumul Odăi, Otopeni


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