Psychological counselling

As such a dreaded disease, the psychological impact of a cancer diagnosis influences the very course of the disease. From receiving the diagnosis, through treatment follow-up to health monitoring, the doctor becomes one of the key people who are with each patient.

In Amethyst clinics, psychological counselling, open communication and full information in the doctor-patient relationship are central values of the healing process. The evolution of technology helps physical and cellular recovery. We believe, however, that each patient should be treated holistically, with special attention to rebuilding life and maintaining optimism, both of which are so necessary for complete healing.

Through psychological counselling, Amethyst aims to provide support and personalised coping strategies to patients and their carers in managing a cancer condition. These strategies aim to understand and accept the difficulties they are going through and to provide useful tools to overcome conditions such as depression, the need for isolation, stress, anxiety, altered self-image, fatigue, uncertainty, decreased ability to concentrate or worries caused by the illness.

Useful items that can help you develop a "toolkit" to help you manage your feelings and maintain control over your lifestyle:

Psih. drd. Oana Hetea
Psiholog Amethyst Cluj

Luiza Maria Culuri
Psiholog clinician/Psiho-oncologAmethyst București

Huszar Timea
Psiholog Amethyst Alba-Iulia

Olivera Stanciu
Psiholog clinician/Psiho-oncolog Amethyst Timișoara

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