Rights of insured persons

Rights of insured persons

  • Choose the health care provider and the health insurance company with which they are insured;
  • To be listed with a family doctor of their choice, bearing the cost of transport if the choice is for a doctor in another locality;
  • Change their chosen family doctor only after at least 6 months have elapsed from the date of their registration on the lists;
  • To benefit from the basic package of services in a non-discriminatory way, under the conditions of the law;
  • To be reimbursed for all expenses incurred during hospitalisation for medicines, medical supplies and paraclinical investigations to which they would have been entitled without personal contribution. Reimbursement of expenses is an exclusive obligation of the hospitals and is made only from their revenues, based on their own methodology;
  • Carry out prophylactic checks under the conditions laid down in the framework contract;
  • To benefit from preventive health care and health promotion services, including early detection of diseases;
  • To receive medical services in outpatient clinics and hospitals under contract with health insurance companies;
  • To benefit from emergency medical services;
  • To benefit from some dental care services;
  • To receive physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatment;
  • To benefit from medical devices;
  • To benefit from home health care services;
  • To be guaranteed confidentiality of their data, in particular regarding diagnosis and treatment;
  • Have the right to information about medical treatment;
  • To benefit from social health insurance leave and allowances in accordance with the law.

Obligations of insured persons

  • To register with a family doctor;
  • Notify their family doctor whenever changes in their health appear;
  • To attend the prophylactic and periodic checks laid down in the framework contract;
  • Notify within 15 days the family doctor and the insurance company of changes in their identity data or changes in their classification in a particular category of insured persons;
  • Strictly adhere to the doctor’s treatment and instructions;
  • To behave in a civilised manner towards medical staff;
  • To pay the contribution due to the Fund and the amount of the co-payment/personal contribution, in accordance with the law;
  • To provide the health care providers with the supporting documents proving the insured status.

Services which are not paid from the fund, the cost of which is borne by the insured, by the establishments requesting them, from the state budget or from other sources, as appropriate, are:

• Medical services in case of occupational diseases, accidents at work and sport, medical care at work, medical care for athletes;
• Some high-performance medical services;
• Some dental care services;
• Highly comfortable hotel services;
• Aesthetic corrections performed on persons over 18 years of age, except for breast reconstruction by endoprosthesis in the case of oncological surgery;
• Some medicines, medical supplies and transport;
• The medical services requested and the issue of medical documents requested by the authorities which, through their activity, have the right to know the state of health of insured persons;
• In vitro fertilisation;
• Medical assistance on request;
• The cost of materials needed to correct sight and hearing;
• Personal contribution from the price of medicines, certain medical services and medical devices;
• Medical services requested by the insured;
• Some rehabilitation services and procedures;
• Services provided in occupational disease wards/clinics and occupational health clinics;
• Hotel services requested by patients whose conditions are treated in day hospitalisation;
• Family planning services provided by the family doctor in the planning offices of the hospital;

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