The Medical Imaging Department of the Amethyst Radiotherapy Center uses computed tomography as a working procedure with the help of the latest generation equipment, to create detailed images or scans of areas inside the body, respectively of organs and tissues, with the aim of diagnosing diseases .


The Medical Imaging Department of the Amethyst Cluj Center has nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) investigations, with the help of the latest generation device Megnetom Sola RT Pro Edition Siemens Healthineers, being the first MRI dedicated to radiotherapy simulation in Romania and in the region.

Magnetic resonance simulation provides a new level of accuracy for the simulation procedure required for radiation therapy planning. These procedures can also be performed using a CT simulator, but MRI simulation is the basic standard in prestigious international oncology and radiation therapy centers. In addition to the higher level of detail that is obtained by using magnetic resonance, another advantage is that the patient is no longer subjected to the radiation dose associated with a CT examination.

The role of MRI in radiotherapy

The Magnetom Sola RT system that comes to complement the equipment of the Amethyst radiotherapy clinic in Cluj is based on a state-of-the-art technology, including a superconducting magnet with a strong field of 1.5 Tesla and a real-time navigation system to guide the radiotherapy. It uses a unique technology, called BioMatrix, that adapts to the anatomy and physiology of each patient, thus allowing clear and precise images to be obtained, regardless of anatomical conditions or movement. It is also equipped with a fast scanning system, called Compressed Sensing, which allows obtaining quality images in a shorter time than other MRI systems.

The precision of radiation dose administration is an essential attribute in modern radiotherapy to maximize the chances of tumor control and to minimize the risks of radiation-induced complications. This new MRI simulation technology will bring, for the first time in Romania, within the Amethyst centers, additional precision in the treatment of head and neck tumors, as well as abdominal-pelvic ones.

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