Binding rules during hospitalisation

The following rules must be observed during hospitalisation:

    • The patient remains in hospital for as long as recommended by the attending physician;
    • Leaving the hospital is not allowed;
    • Patients will be accompanied by a medical staff member when travelling to the various hospital departments for inter-clinical consultations;
    • Frequent handwashing is the most effective way to prevent intra-hospital infections: when entering and leaving the ward, after using the toilet; before and after meals, after various activities, etc.
    • We advise patients to avoid bringing any type of food into the hospital;
    • Patients will strictly follow the instructions of the medical staff regarding treatment;
    • Compliance with medical prescriptions, enforcement of therapeutic procedures are mandatory;
    • The patient will observe the functional circuits of the hospital so that the spread of germs is limited;
    • The patient will agree to take the medication in the presence of a healthcare professional for the duration of the admission, as prescribed by the attending physician and will follow the administration schedule;
    • Patients cannot claim non-prescribed treatments or medications;
    • The patient will respect the schedule of the ward in which he/she is admitted (investigations, treatment, visits);
    • It is not recommended to use a mobile phone during the visit and treatment;
    • Patients are responsible for the cleanliness, order and integrity of the sanitary objects, furniture and linen in the ward and in the adjoining rooms of the ward or in the hospital premises;
    • The patient will maintain cleanliness in the hospital premises (ward, courtyard), as well as the integrity of hospital property;
    • In the event of damage to or lack of goods/inventory items, he/she will be obliged to pay for their value;
    • The introduction and consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs are strictly forbidden in the hospital.