Delia Peter

former Amethyst patient

I was fortunate to be followed by two doctors dedicated to the profession: dr. Carmen Bodale and dr. Renata Zahu, to whom I am deeply grateful (as indeed to all the staff with whom I interacted).

The atmosphere in the clinic inspires safety and the staff was extremely friendly and smiling. During my treatment, I had the chance to meet people going through the same suffering. We were able to bond friendships and encourage each other.

Tiberiu Moisă

former Amethyst patient

I have respect and gratitude for the entire team of the Amethyst Cluj clinic: doctors, nurses and administrative staff with whom I interacted occasionally or daily./span>

I want to take this opportunity to thank them. They saved my life. I can plan for the future, I can look confidently towards my children and family, I can even write the above lines because of them. Life is really good now. It may sound forced, but despite the problems that remain, I feel more the beauty of life.

Ada Deppner

former Amethyst patient

After visiting the Amethyst clinic, it very quickly became a refuge, a place where, despite the radiotherapy, the chemotherapy sessions, what we sometimes feel physically, you can find peace, where at every step you felt the kindness, the humanity, the willingness of all the staff there, starting with the reception girls, the nurses, the doctors, my dear Oana, the special psychologist loved by all the patients, my soul person, able to create a positive emotional state. I never felt like a burden to them. The professionalism and the fact that they are human has mattered a lot to me, and to all the patients for sure.