Patient associations

Cancer associations in Romania and other useful institutions for patients and relatives:

Save Lives Association;

National Patient Protection Association;

Association of Psycho-Oncology and Other Chronic Diseases;

Coalition of Chronic Illness Patient Organizations in Romania;

Federation of Cancer Associations;

Association of Cancer Patients Phoenix Bucharest;

Romanian Cancer League;

P.A.V.E.L Association [Parents' House (Casa Părinților) and Association Office];

Good Friends Association;

Good People Association;

Rediscover Happiness Stop Cancer Association.

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Address: no 42, Drumul Odăi, Otopeni


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Address: no 486G, Răzoare Street, Florești


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Address: no 12, Bela Bartok Street, Dumbrăvița, Timiș County


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Address: no 10, Louis Pasteur Street, Alba-Iulia, Alba County