Olivera Stanciu

Olivera Stanciu


Olivera Stanciu, clinical psychologist/psycho-oncologist with the right to free practice, joined the Amethyst Timișoara team in 2021.


In the past, he was a clinical psychologist at the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection, Timișoara and a clinical psychologist at the medical office MED.A Timișoara.


Member of the College of Psychologists since 2007.


She is a graduate of the Faculty of Psychology and the Master of Clinical Psychology from the University of West Timișoara.

Areas of expertise

  • He attended several training and professional development courses:
  • Training in Ericksonian psychotherapy;
  • Emotional communication with the child victim;
  • The role and importance of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy in dealing with trauma;
  • Evaluation, intervention and counseling of the oncological patient;
  • Applied medical psychology in oncology: Specialization course in Psycho-Oncology;
  • Psychotherapeutic and complementary methods of fighting cancer;
  • Anxiety therapy in the 21st century. New procedures and technologies:
  • PAXONLINE (license certificate);
  • Depression therapy in the 21st century. New procedures and technologies: DEPRETER (license certificate);
  • Psychological assessment in adult cognitive impairment;
  • Psychological assessment and intervention in personality disorders.