Dr. Dana Pleșca

Dr. Dana Pleșca

Specialist in Medical Oncology

Dr. Dana Plesca is a specialist in Medical Oncology and Internal Medicine, joining Amethyst Timisoara in 2022.


She worked as a specialist in internal medicine in Timisoara, and from 2010-2016 she practiced as a doctor in this specialty in hospitals in Germany. She has more than 15 years of experience in internal medicine. At the same time she worked as an assistant professor at UMFT – Discipline – Physiology.


She trained as a resident doctor in Internal Medicine at the Timișoara Municipal Emergency Hospital, and later as a resident doctor in the specialty of medical oncology at the OncoHelp Timișoara Oncology Clinic.


She is a member of the Romanian College of Physicians.

Areas of expertise

She continues to further her study in oncology and related fields.