Oncology Commission

What sets us apart is the involvement of our entire team of specialists in developing a therapeutic strategy that leads to a successful outcome in the treatment of oncological conditions. For this purpose, the Tumor Board or Oncology Commission is organised, in which, together with our team of specialists, doctors who are experts in different medical specialties participate. The Commission reviews, discusses and assesses the medical condition and treatment options of an oncology patient and the therapeutic strategy to be followed.

Indeed, the biggest challenge in the management of cancer diseases is the successful combination of several lines of treatment and practices such as chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, etc. This is also a challenge for the multidisciplinary team of the Oncology Commission.

This multidisciplinary team is made up of Amethyst’s specialists – radiotherapists and oncologists – the treating physicians who have been involved in the case so far, as well as all the other specialists involved in the treatment of the patient in question (pulmonologist for lung diseases, gynaecologist for gynaecological diseases, ENT doctor for ENT diseases, urologist for prostate diseases, etc.).

The decision to treat cancer is always an integrated collective decision, made according to each patient’s specialist recommendations, medical history and health status, and international radiotherapy protocols.

For this reason, the first and most important step of treatment is to analyse the medical history and collect all previous diagnoses provided by the patient in their chronological order.

The main purpose of the Oncology Commission is to improve the quality of medical services, as it brings together all the specialists able to take the necessary steps in the proper diagnosis of the condition and to create the overall picture of the case presented, in order to finally adopt together the proper treatment method in accordance with the protocols in force.

At the same time, meetings of the Oncology Commission help to establish direct lines of communication between members of the multidisciplinary team, and thus facilitate the accumulation of experience in the management of cancerous conditions. At Amethyst Clinic, the Oncology Committee meets daily to discuss and rigorously review all elements of the cases that come to our attention in order to best meet the needs of an oncology patient.

Following each Commission, treatment decisions are communicated to the treating physician through whom the patient came to the Amethyst Centre.


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