Today, the following modern radiotherapy techniques are available:


Elekta’s VMAT technology is the most advanced radiotherapy method available in the world today for the treatment of cancer. This significantly increases the accuracy of the radiation beams directed at the tumour target. Regardless of the shape and size of the tumour, irradiation of normal tissues is greatly reduced, which lowers the risk of acute and chronic side effects.

Elekta VMAT allows optimal therapeutic doses to be administered, ensuring treatment efficacy and increasing the chances of tumour control. At the beginning of each treatment session, doctors visualise the target tumour volume and adjust the therapy so that the radiation dose delivered to the tumour is the desired dose, while exposing healthy tissue as little as possible.

What are the advantages of IMRT-VMAT?

In Romania, mostly 2D irradiation techniques are used, without the integration of a computerised system for treatment planning and a computer tomography simulator. The volume to be irradiated and the configuration of the treatment beams (orientation of the irradiation source, size of the irradiation fields) are determined on the basis of orthogonal radiographic images. To a small extent, however, there are centres using 3D-CRT and IMRT. At Amethyst Radiotherapy Clinics, cancer treatment is performed using IMRT-VMAT technology.

IMRT-VMAT Treatment sessions are reduced to 8-12 minutes including preparation time (irradiation time is only 3-5 minutes), which significantly increases patient comfort.

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